How to choose the correct co-working space

The pointers that help you choose the correct co-working space:-

The coworking culture is growing with great magnitude in India and beyond, thus the task of choosing the apt coworking space in Kolkata and elsewhere comes with it. The benefits of coworking are vast but before you read this post, you can Google – Coworking space near me?

Here’s the guide you can keep in mind while choosing your office space :


If you’re looking for the ideal coworking space in Kolkata, the location would be a driving force.

Kolkata is a widely stretched metro, so an accessible location is essential for clients as well as employees who would always want something which is a stone’s throw away from a nearby metro or local station, bus stand, or where Ola or Uber services are readily available.

Another point would be a nearby restaurant, cafes, or food kiosks for lunch and tea breaks. Never underestimate the importance of fancy eateries around your workplace.

Being centrally located in Camac Street, Kwicdeskz definitely offers a locational advantage.

Kwicdeskz is reasonable in terms of pricing. Along with a conference room and private cabin facility it has all basic amenities and services that are required to run an office.


The work atmosphere is another factor that you put your utmost importance to. You can simply Google – best coworking space near me– to simply find out the basic requirements you’re looking into in your ideal co-working space.

At Kwicdeskz we understand the basic idea of coworking revolves around overall productivity and networking that always keeps you connected with the industry-specific workforce.


Well suited with the amenities like high speed internet, meeting space, private cabins, modern furniture, CCTV with remote viewing, pantry etc make Kwicdeskz one of the best co-working space in the city.