How coworking spaces can help you in Networking

 One of the most influential public figures and American motivational speaker Dennis Waitley said, ” If you are not networking, you’re not working “.

Well, can’t be more correct! Networking is no 1 unwritten rule for business. The stronger your weave your network the fuller gets your fuel tank. Networking is a process of building connections that are beyond the scope and purpose of exclusive business. You can’t make business in isolation just like you can’t trade without a market. Networking works like a magnet to gather you plethora of experience and knowledge. It creates scope for joint ventures, exploration of new areas of interest and business partnerships.

Coworking is an excellent hot to trot option to start with.

1. Interaction and exchange :

In a coworking space entrepreneur from different background, different interest and different skill set work under the same roof. Which is the best part of it? Your employees get to receive knowledge about other fields. They find a Great scope for collaboration for certain projects. Although this can not involve any unofficial project at a professional level, a healthy and professional exchange of thought and effort can prove to be helpful in both ends.

2. Comfort zone within  the workplace :

When employees are interactive there is a big chance that the idea of office space will not only be limited to a few chairs, cabins, gadgets, and gossips. If the employees of your hub are getting comfortable in the environment, there is a huge possibility that there performance and output will increase. They will feel ‘ at home ‘ and share a unified working spirit with the other workers.

3. Find new prospects by teaming up with other businesses :

Different business has different kind of operative and promotion methods. When you share your workspace with multiple business hubs it opens your company to new prospects of alliances. You can team up with other businesses and widen your business and it’s scope.Doing this will make your brand name get highlighted and this in a way will bring you more popularity in the market.

4. Stay updated stay ahead :

You can’t compromise on being updated with the new trends and hot talks of the market. When it comes to business nothing remains unnoticed. Your company which may have 120 employees , may not always reach out to each and every employee on a regular basis and ask them to stay updated with the new market trends and hot gossips. In a coworking space this gap is bridged. Your employees have lunch in cafeterias and common areas which are in themselves  a rich hub of exchanges. Through gossip and chitchat they will let each other know about latest trends. When your aim is to build networking , it definitely involves the idea of connecting with more and more people. How would you connect to people if you are not fully aware of the what’s in and what’s off the trend? Give it a thought. Co working space can do you more than just economic good.