Coworking: Obvious Advantages of Shared Workspaces

Our belief is that mixing creative teams from different industries will spawn ‘happy accidents’ that inspire innovation, new products, and different ways of thinking.”

Steelcase Executive, on why the reason it uses coworking spaces

Coworking space is shared workspace. Multiple companies come together and share their workspace with other workers. The concept of individual workstation thus has changed through the course of time and the outcome is amazing.

Co-Working was first conceptualized by Sunshine Suites. Founded by Cheni Yerushalmi and Joe Raby, Sunshine Suites began operations in the October of 2001. From its inception, community was an integral part of Sunshine’s efforts. They arranged upstate hikes and ski trips, as well as negotiated group discounts on health insurance, car rentals, and even gym memberships. They eventually purchased a cabin in Vermont to be utilized as corporate retreat, and also organized their own softball team.

Here is what you need to know about the coworking space

Advantages-Here we are, all set to take you to the all inclusive details of coworking space. Let us have a look on the prime advantages and add-ons of this.

The Work Ambience:

Is it not awesome to walk through a workspace if the office does not feel like office at all?  The workspace becomes a hub of intermingling experiences and ideas where workers coming from same or different fields interact with each other. The worker friendly environment is an awesome add-on to the coworking set up. The rigid bossing around atmosphere of office is not there to make the employees feel confined. With the space being shared the workload also appears a lot easier to carry out.

The Money Saver :

Running a small or a big scale start up/business already involves too much monetary investments. Setting up an “office of one’s own” therefore comes at a huge cost. Becoming a smart tenant of one of the coworking setup reduces your pocket drainage to handsome extent. You don’t have to worry about utility bills or other maintenance hazards to get your work done smoothly.

Connecting to the bigger picture:

How? Simple. Just think of an employee doing the same rigorous job throughout the day. Does it help him improve his work efficiency or creativity? You know the answer!

A coworking space is not only a gathering zone where tie wearing robots executing the needful but also a hub of emerging connections and business. It increases the chance of collaboration and future brand establishments.

Flexibility :

Many organizations cannot afford long time leases based on their long term investments plans but a coworking space offers you various membership options emerging from a rent friendly idea. You can choose the one best suited for your business demands and go ahead investing. Remember not solid investment but smart investment is your key to future success.

The personal treatment:

The important part of an office life is the balance. In a coworking place you find a worker friendly ambience which allows you to roam inside the in office cafeteria and also is pet friendly. With your friendly choice of sip around you and with your pet perfectly safe in your workplace you have to worry little and focus more on your output.