A Comprehensive Guide to Wifi in a Coworking Space

Free and secured Wifi is one of the most important aspects of a coworking space. Without a good wifi connection, your workspace cannot make it big. Before opening the place, you should find out what the nearby internet suppliers offer so you do not hamper the workflow of your tenants. A poor Wifi connection ruins your reputation in the marketplace and drifts away potential clients. As technology is an integral aspect of the coworking model, you should carefully select Wifi services. This blog outlines the guidelines you should follow to offer a proper Wifi to your clients.



Coworking Wifi – How to Offer The Best User Experience

Here are the things you can do to provide excellent wifi to clients in your coworking space:


Central Network Management

When you work with an industry expert or a third party to manage wifi connection from an ISP, you gain full control over bandwidth, access points, analytics, and users. With a centralized network, you can find out who is roaming the network, usage, and analytics. These findings help you in deciding if you need to change the planning.


Build Member Experience

A fully managed wifi service permits your members to browse your site securely at their desks, common areas, and different points. Without the need to re-enter wifi credentials, they can be on a secure network. To facilitate the growth of your business, choose a secure platform that can be replicable across your sites. A wireless network that is centralized on only one platform lets you ease mobility for members browsing all your sites. Due to the software automation on a well-managed platform, you can build tiers of service for tenants and guests within your workspace. If some of your clients need more bandwidth than others, opt for a managed system that can support voice and video calling without affecting the work of other Wifi network users.



Every professional who moves into your coworking space obviously seeks a collaborative community but that doesn’t mean they would share confidential data with other tenants. So, you should offer a Wifi connection that meets their privacy and security requirements. Make your workspace technologically advanced with a safe and secured wifi connection yet flexibility and collaboration they want.


Technology Competence

The advancement in technologies has made it easy to provide a fast wifi connection to your clients. From access points to firewalls, switches, Vlans, and circuits, your technology experts can manage everything. They only need to understand the dynamics and operations of your shared workspaces and what your members need to work fast. Choose a platform that automates wifi, network and voice management to save your time and money and give control of services to your clients.


Voice Technology

In today’s professional scenario, voice technology holds a high value. Rather than implementing traditional phone systems, incorporate VOIP technology that operates over the internet. If you use a desk handset, you need an ethernet connection. Customize your space in a way so it can accommodate wired connections. Install plugs for handsets to accommodate a VOIP based phone system. When you use wifi for VOIP calls, it usually produces favourable results. But, an ethernet connection guarantees the best connection and prevents interference.


Configuration of Services

With an effectively managed platform, you can understand how members have used your Wifi services. Activate a buying option for features to satisfy your clients. Allow your clients to access their accounts for adding and configuring services to give your workspace an edge over your competitors. When you modify fax facilities and bandwidth, you can extend your business capabilities that bring revenues. You can engage a third party to provide the ultimate wifi connection and functionality to tenants.


Coworkers depend a lot on technology to complete their daily deliverables on time. Thus, the wifi connection should not cause any delay in their work performance and boost productivity. Besides offering a fabulous environment and top-notch amenities, you should do whatever it takes to provide a fabulous user experience with a free, fast and secure wifi connection. When your members can work smoothly without any distractions in your workspace, they will likely stay with you for years. Keep your members happy, attract and retain clients by offering an excellent wifi service.