Tips to Manage and Revitalize coworking meeting room

We are all quite aware of the fact of how important a meeting room is for any organization or a coworking space. One just cannot do without a meeting room in a coworking space. Meeting rooms are a very imperative component of coworking spaces as they provide an opportunity to coworkers and their respective teams to come collectively, reflect on progress and help each other.

Besides, meeting rooms are great for workshops and seminars, events. brainstorm sessions, team-building days, conference calls and, yes, meetings and conferences.

However, if the meeting room of your coworking space is a little outdated and a little tired, lacks the right technology and equipment and disappoints to motivate and empower teams and coworkers?

Maybe it’s time to revitalize and brace your coworking space meeting room by proffering a massive renovation to it.

But how do you do that?

No worries!

We have rounded up some outstanding and simple tips that will help you to manage and revitalize your coworking meeting room:

Clean the room

To begin with, give your meeting room a deep clean, like steam cleaning any rugs or carpets, washing the walls and roofs, wiping the whiteboard, steam cleaning the furniture and fittings. This will revive it up immediately.

Invest in comfortables ergonomics

During a conference or a live assembly, people would favor sitting more comfortably as they can continue for hours. Holding everybody’s comfort space in mind, it is time you invest and change the pieces of furniture in the meeting room.

You can also add some bean bags for providing a casual look to the meeting room and retain the vibe similar across the coworking space. Other than that, you can bring in chairs with:

  • Height adjustment trait
  • Ergonomic design
  • Pivot ability
  • Armrest
  • Wheels
  • Cushioned seats
  • Keep your meeting room tech updated

Back then, when projectors were a huge hype and people considered it to be a constraint in the meeting room. But now as we talk about a diverse style of working space, the tech demands an overhaul too.
We’d advise you to attach big LED TVs to support cooperation through meetings. Even the presenter would see it as a more stable alternative as all they have to do is insert the HDMI cord and begin with their presentations. You can also think of airplay, this system proffers the ease of one-click congeniality to share your screen.

Sound Check

Sound administration is usually one of the most overlooked sections in meeting room design. Meeting rooms that are created without paying attention to sound often result in undesired consequences.
If the conference room audio system is not the reason for bad audio happenings, it could be the acoustics and layout of your meeting room itself generating the problem. You can use something as plain as a white sound device to give the room a sense of secrecy or include soundproof curtains.

Good lighting

If the lighting in your meeting room is dull, harsh or lifeless, it’s time for a change. Poor lighting can suck the energy and spirit out of a room. Plus, just imagine how pleasant the Instagram photos taken in the meeting room of your coworking space will look with better and more lighting.

Sufficient outlets

There’s no such thing as too many points to plug in your gizmos in a coworking space—and this also goes for meeting rooms. Make certain your meeting room has sufficient outlets so that coworkers are not left struggling for wall plugs and extension cords as when their laptop batteries run low or are dead amidst meeting.

Finishing off

That being said, these are some of the tips to revitalize your meeting rooms. If you ask most of your team if they would like to attend meetings, you may discover a lot of them hesitating. Several employees avoid meetings. This is because the idea of huddling around with a laptop or dim the lights for an outdated and monotonous slide presentation simply kills the sense of creativity and collaboration.

The whole context of this is to explain that an up -to- date meeting room a stable and positive atmosphere within, enables your coworkers to interact with one another and boosts productivity