The Future Drifts of Coworking in India

With India becoming a breeding territory for start-ups, freelancers, independent, and remote workers have very well adopted the idea of coworking spaces. These days the way people live and work in India is encountering a paradigm transformation.
Although the concept of coworking and shared spaces are relatively new in India as compared to other countries but is growing at a really fast rate, so much that about 13 million people are expected to work out of coworking spaces by 2020.

What pushes the sudden growth of coworking spaces in India?

The big metropolitan cities of India such as Bangalore, Kolkata, New Delhi, and Mumbai have come up with co-working spaces and the people in these cities have happily embraced this concept of working together under one roof with all the office amenities intact.

The main reason for coworking being all hip and rage is because it offers numerous facilities such as the latest technology with fast internet connections, cafe lounge, gaming zones, comfortable furniture and fittings, coffee and snacks, conference and meeting rooms, printing & stationery services, storage spaces, housekeeping services, mailbox services, soothing environment, parking areas, room for community building, and a lot more at very affordable rates.

Let’s take a look at the current trends of coworking spaces and the way it is accelerating.

If we are talking about the current trends and the future anticipations of co-working spaces in India, the numbers and statistics conducted by multiple studies say that coworking has disrupted the traditional work environment massively. The numbers convey that the demand for coworking space is going to maintain an exponential drive across India.

In India, the coworking trend has spread like wildfire, with over 15,000 coworking spaces in the world, including 400 estimated in India, and this is certainly going to expand in the near future.

At present, the office spaces are observing an upward shift, and these coworking platforms are coming up to be an economical solution.

Large businesses, SMEs, and startups are favoring to work this way because of the proven perks such as cost, community and employee productivity. The coworking spaces are a win-win situation for everyone including the investors. This industry has attracted attention of many investors. Many international giants are also investing and expanding their tracks in our country, which, together with increased government interest in startups, are leading GenZ to take up entrepreneurship as potential career options.

coworking space in kolkata
The income pattern of this coworking business is moderately simple to understand. They either gain through subscription payments or by imposing price according to the time-space is used. The valuations entirely rely on the amenities provided and on the locations.

Wrapping up!

The future of work endures somewhere amidst collaborative areas where culture drives functionality and a lifestyle that fosters empowerment, collaboration, and creativity.

India and its thriving working community now demand an environment that speaks to their interest and also guarantees added benefits. 

So, the whole point of this blog is to make our readers aware that like any other country, India is also beholding tremendous growth and the future seems promising with coworking swapping traditional offices into collaborative workspaces.