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Get The Best Wi-Fi and High Speed Internet Coworking Space in Kolkata

Make the most of the ubiquitous internet at coworking space with seamless high speed connectivity. Fast, efficient, secure, and seamless, we connect wirelessly with the best WiFi for coworking spaces. From access to information anywhere on campus, to sending getting print requests completed without leaving your workspace, experience the fastest internet connectivity in our coworking space like never before.

WiFi Networks

Wires hold you back. Let your work go mobile with our seamless office network over high security WiFi

Hi-Speed Internet

Never let the competition beat you in today’s fast paced world. Stay up to speed with high speed internet connection at KwicDeskz

Seamless Mobile Internet

Utilise the ever-present availability of the internet to the fullest with sustained mobile connectivity

Reliable LAN Connection

Experience unbroken and secure data connectivity internally and collaborate freely with coworkers


Reliable High Speed Internet USES

  • Lounge

    Looking to take a break from work? Stream a movie, listen to a song, learn something new, do anything over the internet as you relax and unwind.

  • Cabin

    Give your work the utmost security and confidentiality with our dedicated private internet connection for private cabins.

  • Reception

    Be it mail or call handling, or ordering a printout without leaving your workspace, get everything done more efficiently with internet service at the reception.

  • Meeting Rooms

    Never let an emergency need for data hold you back in meetings. Access all the information you need, right during the meeting itself.

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