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Get Access Coworking Housekeeping Staff 24/7

KwicDeskz provides premium coworking spaces, capably managed by highly trained and professional housekeeping staff, in Kolkata. From maintaining workspaces in tip-top condition, to professional reception of visitors, as well as dedicated gopher and server functions, our coworking housekeeping staff are always at your service to ensure you work with utmost productivity, and enjoy yourself while you do!

Coffe and Tea

Can’t start off a workday without a cup of coffee? Fret not, KwicDeskz members can enjoy steaming cups of their favourite beverage any time of the day.

Front Desk Service

Highly trained and professional people work at our reception desk, ensuring you always make a favourable impression on visitors.

Mail Handling

If you regularly receive important official documents or packages, trust our expert staff to adequately handle them, and forward or archive as necessary.

Pantry Facilities

Feeling hunger pangs in the middle of the workday? We know the feeling. So we maintain a stocked and staffed dedicated pantry always at your disposal.


Benefits of Coworking Housekeeping

  • Printing & Stationery

    Whether you want essential documents printed or the marker ran out of ink in the middle of a meeting, our staff is ever present for basic office needs.

  • In-house IT team

    vNever let a technical failure stop your productivity, KwicDeskz provides you an expert IT service team in house, ready to fix things for smooth working.

  • Community Manager

    From taking care of internal issues to organising community events, KwicDeskz community managers are experts at maintaining employee engagement.

  • Storage

    KwicDeskz aims to provide you a distraction free work environment. So keep your mobile devices away in our lockers if you want to, and work away with complete peace of mind.

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