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Find The Best Private Cabin and Office Space in Kolkata

Fully furnished private cabin office in Kolkata for those tasks that need utmost concentration and ultimate privacy. Our private office spaces available to rent come with complete security for your belongings and essential documents, as well as 24x7 security surveillance and RFID entry. KwicDeskz provides affordable private cabin packages suited exactly to your needs.


When we say private, we mean private. Lock away essential documents and personal belongings, nobody else has access.

CCTV Surveillance

KwicDeskz provides 24x7 CCTV surveillance of your private cabin, ensuring complete security.

Prints Galore

High tech printers and copier machines are available in-house, so you do not need to go outside for your printing needs.

Staffed Reception

We believe in professional service, and thus your guests are greeted and taken care of by our dedicated trained community manager at the reception.



  • Single Cabin

    Private enclosed distraction free workspace for work that needs your utmost concentration or are of a confidential nature.

  • Private Cubicle

    Want to work away without being distracted by the outside world(read nosy coworkers)? KwicDeskz private cubicles are the perfect solution. Book a Seat

  • Client Meet

    Need to meet clients professionally and confidentially? Our private cabins are secure and free from prying eyes.

  • Team Space

    Organise small interactions with your entire team or small sections of it. Especially useful when you need discussions with individual teammates.

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