5 Facilities That You Get Only in Coworking Spaces


Coworking spaces have been quite the rage for the past few years, especially because freelancers and startups find working out of these shared office spaces budget-friendly and hassle-free. However, there is plenty more to them than just the cost-effectiveness and convenience. The dynamic environment of Coworking spaces offers much more than a traditional office setup. Today let’s discuss about 5 Facilities That You Get Only in Coworking Spaces:-



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The new age concept of working out of Coworking spaces has attracted professionals of various kinds, including but not limited to creative writers, social media experts, digital marketing experts, entrepreneurs, and freelancers from several other sectors.

Here are 5 facilities that you get only working at a shared office and not a traditional office:

  1. Collaboration opportunities across channels – If you are a freelancer or the owner of a startup, your biggest source of expanding your business or advertising your services is by networking. When you work out of a traditional office, the chances of you collaborating are limited to those working within your office. A Coworking space sees professionals from different sectors working under one roof which makes collaborating opportunities within reach.
  2. Access to an ever-expanding talent pool – If you are a business owner, you would always have the need to expand. And, that would mean that you would always be in need of fresh talent to be added to your team. If you work out of a traditional office, hiring fresh talent would include posting to several job websites, search through hundreds of suitable profiles, conduct tedious interviews and then hire a candidate. However, when you work out of shared office space, you are already surrounded by a massive talent pool which has professionals from every possible filed working under the same roof as you.
  3. No competition, only growth – When you work in the office surrounded by people of the same field, it is very obvious to have a competitive feeling among your subordinates. The need to win and be better than your peers all the time can sometimes hamper the room for growth and learning. In a Coworking setup, you are not competing against anyone, which enables you to be more focused at your work, and keeps you open to new ideas and thoughts.
  4. Unity in Diversity – A Coworking space is a common workplace for freelancers, entrepreneurs, as well as established business owners. While they may all belong to different sectors, but they all have a few things in common – the need to grow and expand, the desire to save costs and increase productivity, and the motive of networking with other like-minded professionals.
  5. Resources at arm’s length – Owning and managing a business, whether a startup or an established one, requires a lot of additional resources. For instance, you may require conducting business meetings or hosting conferences with your partners and shareholders. You may or may not have the required space in a traditional office to accommodate a large number of people, but for a minimum extra fee, you can rent a fully equipped meeting/conference room at Coworking spaces in Kolkata such as Kwicdeskz. Considered the most premium shared office space in Kolkata, Kwicdeskz additionally provides a well-staffed reception where you can greet your clients and visitors as well as manage your mailing requirements.

That being said, there are several other differences that make working out of a Coworking space more efficient than at a traditional office. A few fundamental distinctions between the two lay in how the two offices operate. While a traditional office requires you to have a complete setup and organize everything from the scratch starting at a physical office location to the furniture to internet setup, a Coworking space is equipped most of these facilities and is offered to you as per the rental package you choose.

To know more about the facilities you get working out of Kwicdeskz, the best Coworking space in Kolkata, contact us or pay us a visit.