Coworking Space -How it Makes Money?

Renting a coworking space to run an office is quite preferred by entrepreneurs these days. A coworking space lets people work independently or with teams. It provides an excellent professional environment and is ideal to conduct meetings, conferences, and workshops. With such excellent facilities and amenities, coworking offices are making a lot of money. Do you know how they are doing the same? Here, you will get to know about that in detail.

The Ways a Coworking Space Makes Money

A coworking space is different from other spaces available for rent to run an office. It makes a good amount of money in the form of rents, memberships, partnerships and in other ways. Let us have a look at how the  office space are earning revenues in the marketplace.


For most of the coworking office, renting is a primary source of revenue. They come with a certain number of workstations that are rented to individuals. Some of them also offer cabins for rents and flexible renting options. Entrepreneurs can rent for halls and meeting rooms (if available) to organize events such as seminars, conferences, and workshops. A coworking space operator charges less than other rented office space providers but with no compromise on quality. 


Some business organizations use office spaces for marketing activities. Companies with different workflows and employees function simultaneously in a coworking space. Whenever any of them conduct a training session or workshop to promote their products or services, it acts as a great source of revenue. 


Almost every company offering various products or services introduce new and advanced features or facilities that can be availed by paying a certain amount. With a premium membership, they need to pay fees once a year and earn profits. The more the memberships, the higher the profits. Office spaces with ten to fifty members have a profitability rate of approximately forty percent. A small coworking space can grow big if they upgrade their business model gradually and increase memberships if required.


Due to the existence of numerous companies and operations of different activities in any office space, the entrepreneur and members can easily reach each other. Partnerships with big investors or capitalists bring revenues. By forming partnerships with reputable entrepreneurs, coworking spaces also become popular among the people. Coworking connects investors to business owners in return of a small commission fee.  

By now you must have understood how coworking spaces are earning profits and expanding themselves.  A coworking operator can earn massive profits in business by following the above-mentioned strategies. A coworking space is built for the benefit of its members. The collaborative workspace helps members to improve professional networks and increase incomes. With the emergence of an increasing number of business companies, building a polished coworking space can be a smart decision. The best part of renting a coworking space is that entrepreneurs do not need to invest a huge amount of money or look for investors until the business is set up.