Coworking Spaces VS Business Centers: Choose the Right space for you!

Gone are the days when we had no other alternative but to get into a contract with conventional office spaces to operate our business and jobs. Now we have various options, including co-working spaces and Business centers.
However, a lot of people have an age-old fallacy that coworking and business centers are alike and offer the same sorts of amenities and facilities. There lie several significant differences between them both.
This article here is to help you discover the significant contrast between Coworking spaces and Business centers.
What is Coworking Space all about?

As the name implies, Coworking spaces is a shared workspace where people with diverse profession work under one roof. Basically, in a coworking space, you are not bound to be employed by the same organization to be apart of coworking space. In most instances, independent entrepreneurs and work-at-home professionals such as aspiring artists, freelancers are the individuals who do the coworking style of work. It has been a global trend and a lifestyle for some good 1.2 million people,from 2007 to 2017, as declared by a study conducted by a prestigious daily.
Perks and Pitfalls of Coworking spaces are mentioned below:


  1. It provides the opportunity for collaboration and network building massively.
    Work at a high-quality office atmosphere that is within your budget.
  2. They provide unique and added amenities like gym, freelancing space, smoking zones, gaming area, recreational areas, etc;
  3. They organize events wherein influential and potential big shots and entrepreneurs interact and render successful techniques to accomplish your goals.



  1. Coworking spaces cause one to be easily interrupted and distracted.
  2. Adapting to the culture and the way work is done in coworking spaces is a bit difficult initially for some people.
  3. Coworking spaces demand one to commute and one might hate that.


What is Business Center all about?

On the contrary, a business center is an office building that is completely furnished and maintained by a facility administration department. It is also commonly termed as a serviced office or managed the office, executive suites or executive centers (prefer the one you like). It is a suitable place for start-up companies, new markets, and project-based clients. This is best for entrepreneurs who want to acquire professional business support services and of course a more professional office appearance.
Privileges and Pitfalls of Coworking spaces are mentioned below:


  1. Business centers confer Highly trained staff.
  2. They have a flexible leasing process with no problems related to notice and stuff.
  3. They provide Support staff available as and when needed.
  4. Building maintenance included making it convenient and not hassle-free.
  5. Receptionist services available all the time during office hours.



  1. Fewer opportunities for collaborations and Innovation
  2. Several business centers contribute a sense of generic and unbranded impression.
  3. It is expensive as compared to conventional offices if you have dozens of employees.
  4. It is more or less a uniform office and somewhat doesn’t provide the compliance of a perfect office.


In my opinion, after considering the details of business centers and coworking spaces, coworking space makes for a more pleasant and more satisfying work atmosphere than the business center because they grant more compliance, security, freedom, increased productivity perspectives, community building opportunities, and ease. So if you are resembling an abstract and lucrative place where you can operate with maximum attention, accessing all sorts of amenities without being bothered by, futile and huge investments.