All You Need To Know Before Deciding Upon A Coworking Space

Coworking spaces have evolved over the past few years and have undoubtedly become a global phenomenon.

Back in the days of the gig economy, freelancers and independent players (workers) had to figure out a suitable place to work from, someplace other than coffee shops that meet the holy trinity of WiFi, coffee, and camaraderie and thus, coworking was discovered.

But does that necessarily means that coworking makes sense for every business?

In this article, we’ll describe the pros and cons of shared office space. As you hunt for the ideal space to balance your startup, use this article to influence your decision-making.

  • PROS
    • Low Maintenance
      When shifting to a new office, people generally want to start work quickly, without getting bothered regarding moving furniture or setting up a printer. Coworking spaces take responsibility of all of those duties for you, plus a lot of others—most coworking spaces now contribute to snacks and mail services also. They take charge of administrative tasks like funding for the internet and ordering office supplies. You can get to work without any trouble or nuisance.
    • Creativity and Collaboration
      When motivated personalities work beneath the same roof, they make an atmosphere of hard work and creativity. At coworking spaces, people typically work extended hours and bounce ideas off of each other or simply talk as a way to unwind. It is like a dream come true to work adjacent to fellow start-ups, entrepreneurs and remote freelancers. One can always expect someone who can solve and answer even the most precise questions and problems you might be dwindling with.
    • Cheap and Flexible
      One of the most compelling characteristics of coworking is its comparatively economical and inexpensive compared to traditional offices. Coworking space providers arrange great agreements from property owners and often re-design any structure to accommodate its members. Also, such workspaces offer below-average rates almost everywhere. They have flexible membership programs which include: Pay for various desk options like a hot desk, designated desk or even private office, depending on the amount of ease and freedom one aspires for.
    • Events and Amenities
      When working at a coworking space, you’re not the only one.Coworking spaces have a sense of community that lives to promote the members’ progress together. Lots of coworking space providers suggest initiatives like access to panel discussions, guest speakers and industry specialists to yield insights that help them grow and learn. They even offer consultation and advising sessions. In addition, there are frequent events like Weekly happy hours, lunches, small musical gigs, and networking nights that are often gives you a great impetus to join the business community and extend your reach and connections.
  • CONS
    • Proximity to competitors
      In a coworking space, one disadvantage is working amidst competitors. The public and open seating culture in shared space raises the chance of conversing indirectly to competitors which no business would desire to.
    • Distraction
      Shared space is sometimes a vulnerable place to be in as there is a distraction caused by the proximity or occupancy of other business people or freelancers within the same space. This makes it really unmanageable and challenging at times to draw a line between work and socialization that is difficult for businesses and their workers.
    • Sacrificed Privacy
      Achieving a high level of isolation and secrecy can be hard in a coworking space. For instance, some coworking places prefer glass dividers rather than normal walls, while some others concentrate essentially on collaborative arrangements without many separate areas. One might have to deal with others overhearing your phone calls or resting in a place where you might surely get disturbed.
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  • Wrapping up
    If you’re searching for an answer to exactly determine the right kind of environment for your business, there is no single answer to this.But if you’re a freelancer, a remote worker or are managing a startup, coworking proffers added advantages than drawbacks, especially if you spring for an option that allows you a private space. On the other hand, if the nature of your business concerns with dealing with delicate and raw information or a certain level of secrecy, then decide on the basis of the privacy factor before you engage and invest in a coworking space.