How Coworking Spaces Are Thriving From Startups to Large Enterprises in Kolkata?

In Kolkata, coworking and the flexible workspace industry has experienced a huge success. The industry experiences approximately 30% growth every year. Presently, coworking spaces constitute more than 1% of the international real estate portfolio. Coworking space renders are focussing on improving their interiors, facilities, and amenities to stand out in the marketplace and attract maximum tenants. Keep reading to learn how coworking spaces in this metropolitan city are thriving from start-ups to big enterprises.

The Massive Growth of Coworking Spaces from Startups to Large Enterprises

According to Google, coworking is “the use of an office or other working environments by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge”. Coworking Space is a service-oriented workspace that provides shared resources and amenities to more than one company on a flexible lease so they grow and foster focussing on their business. As business owners do not need to to focus on space management, coffee filling, logistics handling, the entrepreneurs, freelancers and small-medium enterprises(SMEs) prefer coworking spaces more than traditional offices.

Rise of Remote WorkForce

The increase in the remote workforce is one of the key reasons for the growth and expansion of the coworking industry. In today’s digital world, coworking space owners implement robust software like such as hangouts, slack, and hangouts. The shared office space gives employees the opportunity to work without being stuck in a cubicle. The technology implementation in coworking spaces has increased their demand among tenants and thus, their revenues. Employees enjoy flexibility but they also need a workplace that is professional and reliable and professional to get their work completed on time every day.

Modern Amenities

With modern and mobile conveniences, the ways consumers work are changing. They want a workable office space where they can avail of modern amenities by paying money and without any extra burden. Coworking is a space as a service as it offers hospitality and a commercial office to tenants into a warm and professional environment. Thus, a coworking space is an all-in-one package for people who are working over there. Coworkers do not need to buy coffee separately or handle building logistics. Coworking spaces always let company owners to focus on their own business rather than any kind of arrangements.


People get bored with their 9 hours office duties and crave for a flexible setup. The workforce in Kolkata is willing to freelance to create their own sources of income and opportunities. Coworking spaces are a boon for this kind of workforce. To access shared office space, independent workers can go for a monthly subscription to access workspace, meeting space, amenities, and emailing facilities instantly. They can cancel their memberships whenever they want. Coworking offers an efficiency yet flexibility that employees can hardly get in a corporate office.

Coworking spaces offers a lot of benefits to business owners, SMEs, startups, freelancers, and employees. The amenities provided at a coworking space creates an enjoyable yet professional environment to employees. If you open coworking space with the best facilities in Kolkata, it is bound to grow and earn abounding revenues in the near future. The coworking industry has experienced immense growth and expected to grow bigger. JLL predicts coworking to make up to 30% of all commercial real estate in the next decade. Due to their constantly growing demand, coworking spaces are thriving from startups to large enterprises in Kolkata.