Top 5 Advantages of Working in Coworking Spaces

The phrases Shared office space and Coworking have recently shot up very quickly in popular business parlance. This huge popularity of coworking has ensured that it is no longer just startups and freelancers considering it, but even industry giants and multinational corporations are considering doing it.

Coworking refers to a working arrangement where more than one organizations and individuals share the same space for working. The concept was originally preferred by freelancers and startups. Limited funds often led them to decide in favour of sharing a single workspace instead of getting separate offices. Unconventional, but very pocket friendly. However, being affordable is not the only advantage of working in a shared space. It comes with a host of other unique benefits. This article tells you about five such benefits you can get in a coworking space that you will not find elsewhere.

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1.State of the Art :

Coworking spaces are not just big hall-rooms to sit and work in. Today they are packed to the brim with facilities ranging from fully equipped meeting and conference rooms, to dedicated relaxation and lunch areas. What’s more, technological facilities such as separate plug and play workstations, all round internet connectivity, AV/HDMI screens or projection facilities are standard everywhere.

2.Productivity Boost :

Whether you are an organization with a number of employees, or a freelancer looking to escape the distractions at home, coworking spaces are almost always guaranteed to increase productivity. Productivity skyrockets in a friendly environment where human interactions are possible. Think about it. Given a choice, where would you rather work: in a closed cubicle with only minimum human interaction all day, or in a place where a number of people are enthusiastically working away?

3.Community Buliding :

Belonging to a community is undeniably better than being alone. Fun and interactive communities of people from varying fields of interests ensure that not only are you not bored at work, but you can interact and learn from the others who share space with you and share your stories too. This sort of exchange of ideas often sparks brilliance but is rarely found in separate office spaces.

4.Networking Scope :

Apart from exchange of knowledge, the other advantage that a shared office space provides is the possibility of networking. A number of people involved in different types of activity working regularly together allow for the creation of connections, both social and professional. These connections may be used in various ways for the development of the company or the individual as necessary.

5.Comfortable Workspace :

Almost all shared office spaces have one thing in common: employee comfort. To this end, facilities provided include prime and easily accessible locations, comfortable furniture, separate and adequately spacious workspaces, and even private cabins for some cases. This keeps employees happy, and as everyone will agree, happy employees are productive employees.

Coworking spaces are designed to give everyone working the very sense of contentment in their workplace which is mostly missing in many traditional offices. They are no longer limited to freelancers or start-ups, coworking spaces are here to stay. Also, the workforce of young people today actually prefer the flexibility and comfort that such places provide, according to multiple studies. So if you have not yet considered setting up in one, maybe you should.