5 Big Misconceptions On Coworking Spaces

The coworking phenomenon is the talk of the town. The coworking bug is on fire and these hip working spaces are booming in a way we never thought possible. Coworking has come as space where workers have the community of an office and the freedom and liberation as a freelancer.

Coworking has cropped in every country quite thoroughly and in a flash.

But will it just be a flash in the pan and nothing else?

This question arises because coworking in spite of being the reason for the massive shift in the office rental landscape, transforming the work style of a number of individuals and, having saved a significant percent of people from the 9 to 5 grind and conventional offices, people still seem to have a lot of false notion and misconception about coworking owing to the myths that are dominating regarding it. 

Underneath are some prevalent myths linked to coworking spaces which you must know and make sure you’re not misled due to the same:

“Coworking spaces are only for SMEs”

When it comes right down to business, individuals tend to have various rules to obey. The same goes for coworking spaces; some coworking are available to all while some are quite particular about what class of businesses and brands can access their facility. This doesn’t indicate coworking spaces aren’t for big industries or vice versa in any sense.

“Coworking spaces are extremely expensive”

Denied to the idea, coworking space is way more economical and cheaper than leasing a traditional or regular workspace. At coworking spaces, you only have to pay the price for the numbers of fittings and amenities you utilize, which is reduced or extended as per the specifications and needs. Quite the opposite happens while establishing a new office in the conventional workspace. It is overly costly. Even then, businesses have very cramped flexibility to extend or cut down their rented expanse.

Besides, coworking hubs contribute extra IT and connectivity assistance which addresses them to be even more affordable.

“Coworking spaces are distracting and unfruitful”

The usual scene at a coworking facility is pretty unusual from that of a regular or say conventional office and more favorable to operate any day!Plus, working at a shared workspace offers independence and makes workers more spontaneous and active about their work.

“Working from home is similar to working from coworking spaces “

Operating from your place or home goes along with it advantages and drawbacks. It is cool and comfortable only in the beginning but the absence of synergy and insufficient interaction with your fellow workers 

is detrimental for health. On the contrary, the coworking setting assures employees to have adequate human corporations and drives, guaranteeing that they work their best.

“No room to grow”

Is your business acquiring pressure and you suddenly find yourself in the wonderful state of hiring more workers? 

Coworking is flexible enough to help you with additional fittings and even improve to private office space as and when required. They even afford you the opportunity of scaling up your worker pool without relocating your complete plan. This enables you to experience the freedom of not being enclosed into a regular leasing contract ( a number of organizations grant at least a rental contract of 6 months and permit you to move out with a 30-day intimation despite of how many days you still have on your contract, with no fines) and you get to save your hard earned cash to suitably reinvest towards your flourishing industry. The coworking model is undoubtedly a great way to overcome your overhead while you’re establishing your brand in the market.




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