5 Kinds of Coworkers You are Bound to Meet at Your Shared Workspace!

A lot of people are still afraid of stepping out of the boring and monotonous corporate world that once gave them daily personal and business support. However, there’s nothing to be afraid of as coworking has diverse people of age all working under one roof, creating a chain of networks whom you call your colleagues or coworkers.

Consequently, people, things, and situations you will witness in a coworking space are going to be different and new. 

So, let’s check out the types of coworkers we are certain to find in a coworking space, this list breaks them all down:

shared workspace


  • The Dreamer
    The Dreamer mostly comes to the coworking spaces looking for inspiration and new ideas, meet with others and rarely like to have conversations. One can often notice them moving around in the neighborhood, take breaks and go on walks. They don’t like to be abandoned but don’t inevitably seem the need to chat to anyone either, they just want to have fellowship around him.
  • The Startup Groupie
    Recognizing them is not hard either, they are generally like a squad of young motivated individuals who are insanely hard-working and loyal towards their startup. They seem to be moving in packs with other company members also, to enhance their reach and connections. The startup groupie seem as cult members and are not confined to work from Monday to Friday, they might be seen on weekends also if they have the access.
  • The Social Media Guru
    We all know the importance of social media for our new ventures. Though, above posting our weekend actions on Facebook or your lunch on Instagram, many of us are not sure how to grab attention on social media. But you’re bound to find someone who is a social media addict and has already passed through all the snares and can give you a beginner’s guide. They are social media enthusiasts, always happy to share a skill or two and just following their social media feeds will give you a hint of what to do next. For them, a flash doesn’t happen until it happens on their social media!
  • The Networkers
    You utter the term “networking events“ to some people and it makes their blood run cold. Others, however, thrive on it and this causes them to be well connected. They are the ones always holding a cup of coffee and having a discussion with someone or attending an event. If you need advice, these are the ones who are going to provide you with the same.
  • The Fun One
    This is the character who works hard yet is also fun. Staying happy is all about appreciating yourself and the occasional laugh. This is the person who perpetually succeeds to boost everyone’s spirits and mood and looks on the brighter side of life.So, the whole point of this blog is to make you aware of the fact that moving into a shared workspace results in you connecting with a widespread network of people. Shared spaces consist of different groups of people, coming from different backgrounds, showing that it is possible to work under one roof and collaborate for something great. So don’t just work. Cowork.


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