Kwicdeskz – A Premium Co-working Space at Camac Street

Hello and welcome to our blog, we are proud to introduce kwicdeskz: premium office spaces in camac street, kolkata. Co-working spaces, fairly new concept to the Indian market, isn’t just growing anymore, it has become the latest trend. Having gathered its fair share of popularity at a gradual speed, especially in the past couple of years, such facilities are setting a distinguished standard for new-age work spaces. Co-working spaces in India crossed 7 million square feet during 2018, according to Colliers International, accounting for 14% of the total rentals during the year.

Considered a global movement, shared office spaces are literally changing the lives of several entrepreneurs and freelance professionals across the globe. A recent study by consulting firm Bain and Company and the Indian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association states that India now has nearly 1,000 co-working spaces. And the sector is only expanding. India’s co-working market is set to acquire 13.5 million users by 2020.

Kwicdeskz, the premium shared office space at Camac Street, has recently opened its doors to all the aspiring freelancers and entrepreneurs. Spread over 2,000 square feet of superbly planned co-working office space, Kwicdeskz offers workstations and private cabins that can cater to 60 working individuals at the same time.

Kwicdeskz: Premium Office Spaces in Camac Street

Among the manifold benefits that Kwicdeskz offers to its guests, below are mentioned a few that will definitely motivate you to give it a try:

  • Customized Workstations:  The space offers a combination of 60 individual work stations as well as private cabins. In other words, you have an option to rent the space as per your requirements.
  • Easy on your pocket: They offer daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rental packages. If you plan on using the space for a longer term, it is beneficial to take a monthly (or yearly) package as it will be more cost-effective.
  • Fully-equipped Conference rooms: If you wish to host a client meeting, you can rent one of the two meeting spaces that are equipped with AV/HDMI facilities.
  • Manifold features: When you rent a workspace with the most premium shared office space in Camac Street, you are also entitled to complimentary high-speed internet, complimentary refreshments, access to their well-staffed reception that also offers mailing facilities, and a dedicated pantry and smoking area (and much more).
  • Premium Location: Camac Street is also famous as the central business district of Kolkata and for very obvious reasons. The location of Kwicdeskz enables you to be in the heart of the city and be surrounded by several high-end businesses, shopping avenues, restaurants, and retail outlets

Benefits of Co-working

Having mentioned some of the things you can expect out of your coworking space in Kolkata, let us now talk about the advantages of working in a shared office space than a home office or a coffee shop for that matter. Working at a coffee shop would require you to buy coffee and cookies (sometimes sandwiches and burgers too). Why do that when you can rent a professional office space for the amount of money you would spend at a café? Also, it is several times better to be in a distraction-free setup than being in a home office (with your family going about their daily activities) or a café (with strangers having weird, loud conversations). If you are just a one-man setup, it could still make (little!) sense to work from home or from a café, but as your team grows, it could difficult to have them over in your personal space or work efficiently at a public space. A co-working space allows you the flexibility to scale up to a larger work area as your team grows. At Kwicdeskz, you can rent a single workstation or private cabins which can house a group of 7-10 people at once.

  1. Know how it feels to look for an office address that is located in some far-flung corner of the city, probably down a dingy lane? Well, co-working spaces such as Kwicdeskz base themselves strategically at prime locations so your clients never have a hard time finding you and at the same time, you could be within proximity of influential businesses, restaurants, shopping avenues, and even transportation across the city.
  2. Networking is the key to growth in any business. But, if you were to work from home or a café, what are the chances of you being able to network with anyone? Not so much. Co-working spaces rent out to professionals from various walks of life. And, that gives you an opportunity to network with several like-minded, goal-oriented entrepreneurs and business professionals regularly (if not daily).
  3. For freelancers or entrepreneurs, especially the creative ones, it is extremely important to be able to unwind every now and then. In other words, every working individual needs a little break and some space aside from work to de-stress and to recharge them to continue being productive. Most co-working spaces offer complimentary replenishments, pantry, and social activities that could take the pressure down a notch.
  4. No matter how ambitious you are and how big your goals are, if you lock yourself up at home or in a home office setup with literally no one to interact with, sooner or later, those great ideas you have will start fading. By being amidst like-minded achievers and dreamers, you give yourself a chance to replenish your brain activity.
  5. Bringing your home to a workplace or your work to your personal space is never a good idea. In fact, when you combine both, you not only disrupt the work-life balance, but you most likely plant the seed for household clashes. By working out of a co-working space, you give yourself the space to zone out from your personal life and concentrate on your professional. Likewise, when you go back home, you are able to fully enjoy the company of your loved ones without worrying about your business targets.

It is because of these benefits and many more that co-working isn’t just a trend but a global phenomenon now. Futurists have gone as far as to call it the concept that will change the way the whole world perceives business operations. The concept may be in its toddler phase but it won’t be long before it matures and takes over the whole global economy. To know more, pay a visit to kwicdeskz: premium office spaces in camac street today or give a call to book a seat for you and your group. For more on co-working spaces, keep checking our blog section.