How to Ensure You Use Your Coworking Space to Its Fullest

Shared office spaces have become the talk of the town nowadays. There is barely a business setup or an agency that is not talking about working at such flexi spaces. Not only freelancers and startups but multinational corporations and industry giants are also considering moving to premium Coworking spaces in India. But, this isn’t just because working out these unconventional workspaces is easy on the budget. Besides being affordable, shared office spaces also come with a magnitude of other features and benefits such as fast and reliable wireless internet, office furnishing, fully equipped conference and meeting rooms, and dedicated pantry areas.

Almost all premium coworking spaces in India offer the above-mentioned facilities along with a dozen others. What lies beyond these features and benefits is in the hand of the Coworking members who work out of these spaces.

Since you, as a member, decide to invest a certain sum on money on renting a space at a shared office space, it is up to you to ensure that you utilize to its best. Here are a few tips that can assist you in making the best out of your Coworking space:

Ask thoroughly about the various membership plans available

Whether it’s your first time using a Coworking space or you have been using one for a while, you must know that almost every premium Coworking space in India, such as Kwicdeskz in Kolkata, has a variety of membership plans for you to choose from. Pick the one that suits you best in terms of workspace, privacy, team size, and the duration you need the workspace for.

For instance, Kwicdeskz offers the following membership plans for its members:

  • Flexible desk membership plan – This plan is best suited if you are freelancers and don’t really need a fixed workspace. A flexi plan gives you the freedom to choose any available workstation (flexi workstations) as well as enjoy the benefits of basic amenities offered by the shared office space. All you need is to bring your laptop, pick a workstation, and set up shop. This plan can be hourly, daily, and monthly.
  • Fixed desk membership plan – As the name explains, this membership plan includes that you have a dedicated workstation to work out of every day. This is best for those who prefer a personalized space to work along with all the other amenities. Essentially, this plan is made for long-term users and makes sense only if you rent the dedicated workspace at least for a month.
  • Executive desk membership plan – The executive desk plan is more like a fixed desk plan but a notch higher in the sense that these workstations are more spacious and have more storage space and is perfect for company owners and directors as well as professionals working in the higher managements who may need more than one laptop, few important files, a couple of work diaries, and more.
  • 6-seater and 8-seater room – As mentioned before, the Coworking space isn’t limited to freelancers anymore. If you have a team that you need to coordinate with every day and prefer that you all worked out of the same flexi office, a premium Coworking space in India such as Kwicdeskz offers an option rent a 6-seater or an 8-seater room for a month.

Socialize and Construct Professional Networking

The most critical aspect behind big brands and MNCs moving towards shared office spaces is way beyond monetary benefits. They do it mostly because working under the same roof with professionals from various industries and establishments opens a multitude of opportunities for them to socialize and form strong professional relationships. Also, Coworking spaces are known to host several community-based events and seminars that could help you to be recognized among your peers, a factor that is considered highly beneficial for a business’s future perspective. Constructing such networking opportunities is not only advantageous for big companies but also for freelancers and startups as the possibilities of attracting a new project or a client is increased if you network well.

Explore the Brands around You and Look for Collaboration Possibilities

Premium coworking spaces in India such as Kwicdeskz is not just a favored work location for freelancers, startups, and small businesses but for almost all big companies and multinational corporations comprising of professionals from different business verticals. A lot of business owners and company heads spend a lot of time to find freelancers online to outsource their work. Working with different brands and working professionals from various fields enable such companies to collaborate with freelancers and startups for their work, hence creating more opportunities for these people.

Know the Benefits and Amenities Available

Whether it’s your Coworking space membership or your mobile service plan, the only way to make the most out of anything is to have a detailed knowledge of what you are gaining in exchange for what you are giving and if it’s worth it. In this scenario, it necessarily implies that you must know of all the possible features and benefits that your Coworking space provides you. For instance, Kwicdeskz offers an 8-seater meeting room to members for a meeting and conference needs as well as a staffed reception help available for mail handling, call handling and mailing for Virtual office plan.

Embrace Flexibility

A Premium Coworking Spaces in India is successful because of the flexibility it offers to business professionals. This flexibility not only means that you don’t have to be stuck at a boring office environment and can work amidst a bunch of like-minded, motivational people, but also that you have the flexibility to choose a membership plan that suits you, decide your own work hours, decide the kind of workspace you want to work for, and more.

Hope this post educates you about the various benefits you can gain out of your Coworking space. For more information or to reserve your work desk with us, drop by or call us at +91-8981318144 or +91-99039 94801.

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