Future of Working : Attracting the Generation Z to Work.

Unusual and unconventional workspaces are the need of the hour!
Millennials and GenZ are beginning to enter the workforce and there is a desperate need to prepare for modern and fashionable workspaces.

The future of work lies somewhere amidst collaborative areas where culture drives functionality and a lifestyle that promotes empowerment, collaboration, and creativity.
Though this has been seen as a major problem with a lot of companies, as they struggle with the mystery of what exactly they need to do that would bring the future and the existing generation not only to work, but relish their engaged hours at the office.

Let’s discuss a few ways that would support an organization to attract GenZ to work :

1. Scenic view : City-based offices generally do not offer scenic beauty. A beautiful landscape delivers people to feel more useful, sounder and composed which in turn skyrockets their performance and productivity at work. A beautiful sight both inside and outside of the office should unravel a wellbeing boost.

2. Gaming zone : Gaming or de-stress zones at workplaces are an excellent idea to encourage employee potential and productivity. Such factors are a fabulous idea to intensify interpersonal links, discussion, and bonding within a unit. Just adding a pool table, carrom board or ping pong table may not produce the desired outcomes, employees should be encouraged to unwind whenever necessary.

For example, unused terrace areas can easily be turned into a rejuvenation space with compact games being introduced at work for pastime and fun.

3. Playful Colours : Colour is a powerful determinant of individuals’ mindset according to science. Fusing the right shades to own the craved result within the theme of your office is a challenging job but not impossible.
For instance, a revamping of an office was recently done with a blend of different colors, fused with some positive and quirky quotes. This was focused on creating an environment that is both timeless and modern, as well as engaging for the employees. The result? Measurably improved productivity.

4. Kitchen : It can also be said that kitchen is no more considered a mere eating space and a coffee corner but has emerged as a diverse meeting area too. More and more influence should be exerted in there so that it transforms from a functional eating space into a beautiful and exciting hub where cultures and cuisines mix and ideas get a share.

5. Conference room : A conference/meeting room is an essential space for any organization. A perfect balance of amenities like furniture and fittings, high-speed internet connections, state-of-the-art presentation equipment or anything else one needs to get the best meetings done are expected. If you are a freelancer or a startup, for example, instead of arranging client meetings at coffee shops or local eateries, a dedicated conference room makes you appear more professional.

6. Brainstorming space : A culture of innovation where employees collaborate and brainstorm together. These spaces provide a natural cross board for co-workers to share ideas and meet.
Mind you, these ideas completely change the look and feel of the office and hiked the productivity and persistence of the employees immensely.

Genz demands an environment that speaks to the GenZ interest, and also guarantees creativity and innovative ideas and solutions to enigmas.

So, the whole point of this blog is to make sure that with the growing times there’s an urgent need for the organization to take up an innovative approach and produce some adjustments, improvements, and corrections towards the physical extent of an office.

These ideas are proven and have worked so far and would unquestionably entice the GenZ to work.

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